Being Human

So, I read this story “A Fairy Tale” in  Paulo Coelho’s book called Like a Flowing River. This story is actually a Chinese one ( but I’m not sure if it’s legend or not). According to the story, a prince who was to be emperor soon had to choose a wife. So, he calls all the women of the country and gives them a task so as to find out who is the most honest girl among them because one of them would become the future empress of the country. A servant’s daughter who truly loved the prince wins as she was proven to be most honest girl after completion of the task.

After reading this, a thought came to my mind. As a human being it’s natural to be afraid to lose what you love the most, either it is a thing or a person. And also, it’s natural for us to do anything in order to make sure we do not lose what we love. So, may be there were other girls who loved as truly as that servant’s daughter but they failed to gain their love just because they failed in over coming their human weaknesses. After all, fear and greed does fall into that category. And greed is something that has ability to make us do something we thought we would never do.  We end up stealing, lying, robbing and even killing someone than just being dishonest when greed takes over us. And fear is no exception. Fear, at times, freezes our steps; whereas at other times, makes us take an initiative to stop the things we are afraid of, from taking place.

Likewise, everyone of us tend to get a bit selfish and a bit self-obsessed. We are not always kind and caring even when we want to. At times, we are judgmental even when that is the last thing we want to be. We cannot accept and respect everything that comes our way especially when we view quite the opposite. We shout at the people we love when they care about us and we need them the most. We get angry which then results in hatred at times.

The thing is, we are not Buddha or the enlightened one who has attained Nirvana not to feel these negative parts of emotions. But somehow when it comes to other people we do expect them not to have these emotions. We expect them to be sweet and caring and brave and non-judgmental all the time. Which is also actually humane.But the thing is, as a human being, we should always thrive to better. Everyone of us have good sides and bad sides. We have  no control on that. But what we can control is where we would be focusing on. This reminds me of another folk-story but this time, it’s a Native American one.

According to this one, a grandfather tells his grandson about all of the humans having two wolves- one good and the other evil. The grandson then asks, which wolf would win for which the grandfather answers- “The wolf you feed.”


2 thoughts on “Being Human

  1. such a good point you make. i am working on a post about the love – fear spectrum and really, in a nutshell, it is about which one we feed. and about not just giving up when we screw up. its a given – we have not attained full enlightenment – and thus, we must forgive ourselves and love ourselves enough to begin again. its difficult to realise this in hard times; i hope many people find your post here.

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