Smile in the Flooded Alley

She took hold of my hand.  I smiled at my heart.

“I have no idea about this road.” She said, since we couldn’t see the road thanks to the flood. “I don’t know where I’m supposed to step.”

“Trust your instinct mom. Trust you instinct.” I said, “We have been walking this road for a long time.”

Of course, we have been walking this road frequently for a long time. But we had never seen this alley so flooded. I mean, we knew that the roads of Jamal would be flooded in the monsoon but those of Jyathas were unheard. And it was stinking like a hell. As if the drainage got leaked.

“I should have bought that pair of wellingtons.” I said.

“I think you need an umbrella instead.” She said.

And suddenly, I slipped like I always do, when I’m walking. We both ended up laughing.

“Don’t laugh” she giggled, “otherwise, we both will end up slipping.”

It’s been a while I guess, since I saw her giggle. And I have never seen her doing so in a public place. Seeing her like that, I finally breathed happiness.


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