Of Mails and Chats…

I wish my maternal Grandparents were here with me right now. Well I always wish that, but right now I have many questions to ask them. I want to know their story and I want to ask them about their love life. Well, not exactly love life but about the time period when they were far from each other and how they’d survived despite the long distance and the communication gap. Nowadays, they say that long distance relationship seldom lasts in spite of the development in technologies that tend to bring people closer no matter where they are. But during that time, when there were no e-mails or chats or phones, the relationships grew stronger. So, I want to know how exactly they lived without seeing each other for months, and moreover not knowing about each other’s whereabouts. I mean, it must have been very-very hard for them even if they had distractions (Baa, my grandfather, was busy with his office-works while Maa, my grandmother, had my mom and her two little brothers to distract her). Hence, I want to know how they worked it all out.

A few days ago, my Maiju (wife of my mother’s brother) was telling me how Maa used to spend weeks crying because there was no news from Baa. We were skyping with my cousin (her son) when she said that it’s more easier now with all those technologies than before when one had to wait a long time for a letter to arrive. Obviously like every other service provided by the government in Nepal, the Postal Services were also late. So, it took probably months and months for the letters written by Baa to reach home. So, I want to know how did they spend the time waiting for the correspondents and how did they feel when the mails finally reached each other.

This thought came to my mind because that’s what I have been doing with a friend of mine. No, we are not writing each other letters but are sending e-mails instead of sending instant message (chatting). I think I will not be able to wait for a long time to get a postal mail because it’s already hard enough for me, waiting for the e-mails. In one way, the whole feeling of waiting for mails is quite interesting and exciting but it makes you anxious as well. And nothing beats the feeling of getting one. Also, instead of constant chat, reading a long letter gives you profound pleasure. But on the other hand, not being able to chat with each other makes it less appealing. I mean, once you kind of stop chatting with each other, you feel as if you haven’t talked to each other for weeks. Well, that’s what I feel any way (I have no idea what my friend feels).

Because of all this, I was wondering how people survived before without e-mails and chats and Skype and phones. People in the past must have been very patient and calm unlike us who need everything instantly. May be this is the reason why our relationships aren’t working much. We no longer are patient with each other; we want everything fast and quick that we forget the joy of going slow and eventually falling for a true love. So, I wish my grandparents were here with me; at least, I would have learnt from their experience and know what to expect and what to do, when your friend at times, in case forgets to mail you 😛


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