The tiny drops of rain are falling outside while I stare at the view through my window, slowly sipping tea; the vapours blinding me. I see splashes of colours, through umbrellas and raincoats and pairs of wellingtons. And as I listen to the rainfall a calmness grips over me, rain always have that effect on me.

People say, rain brings back the memories, and I am no exception. Obviously, rain reminded me of many things that happened to me since I was a child, but at the same time, with each rainfall I find myself going stronger and better. I remember my childhood days when the street would get flooded and I would be holding hands of my mother or father with my blue-black raincoat (which I managed to lose in a bus one day) and my blue-black perfect pairs of wellingtons. I’d be getting drenched in rain with my brother, making paper boats and splashing the water at other times, in our kausi. The memories of  sharing umbrella with a friend as we walked long way home also haunts me down at times. And then, there were times when I would be going home alone, sensing each drop on my skin with a smile and stares from strangers. Also, the sweet smell of mo:mo waiting for me in home and the coffees that followed afterwards is still fresh in my mind.  Rain had always meant laughter and happiness for me.

Things have changed so much since those memories for better. These days, rainfall means the lullaby I sleep to most of the nights. It means waiting for weeks and weeks so that I could wash my stresses away. It means a good scolding from a friend and a threat of not getting ice-cream for rest of the year in case I fall sick again.

Sometimes, I wonder why I’m not as carefree as I was when I was a child. As I grow older why do I refuse to take chances like that in rainfall? I wouldn’t have minded puddles and pools when I was a kid but right now, I would love to avoid it as much as possible. This worries me though. I wonder whether in near future as I get older, I will stop loving to feel the rain or I end up hating the rain totally. Because that’s what I see the grown-ups doing. I have never seen any grownups getting drenched in rain, especially the ones in their mid-age. Their already-wrinkled face gets more wrinkled the moment rain starts falling. These people hide themselves underneath umbrellas and shelters and stare at the kids or young people getting drenched. I don’t want to end up doing that.

I want to dance in rain even when I reach sixties. I want to feel the drops slowly falling in my skin. I want to splash the water and play with paper boats. I want to smile like I do now every time the sky roars with thunders and the rain falls.


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