Introducing me

Photo Courtesy: JM/Mn

Photo Courtesy: JM/Mn

I am a dreamer,
who dreams in images-
still and moving
and then converts them into words.
I like expressing
with my mouth, hands and faces
what I’m feeling inside and out
in as tiny little details as possible.

I love RAIN
and chocolates each time my heart’s heavy
and TEA,
and music and BOOKS.
I enjoy company
of people outside and inside my mind,
sometimes of my solitude
and at times of the crowd.

Photo Courtesy:: Sudip Pradha

Photo Courtesy:: Sudip Pradhan

I walk without a destination
or purpose
but just path made up of mud and dirt sometimes
and stones and bricks the other times.
Surrounded by old houses
and trees
lots and lots of them.

I am just an ordinary girl
with an extra-ordinary wishes
of changing the world
changing life
inspiring someone and make them smile
if not giving them a long-lasting happiness.



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