The Boy Who Smiled At Me :)

The following write-up is written as a fiction. Now if you think it seems familiar then just live with it. MAKTUB 😛

 I once met a boy who smiled at me. Suited up, I remember his smile dazzling me. And out of habit, I smiled back at him. I smiled back at him just to realize that we were a complete stranger (which of course, I sapt it out loud at that time).  Out of fate, I guess, we bumped into each other again after couple of months. And since then, he no longer became just the boy who smiled at me.

It took a couple of years for us to become close. It took lots of incidents and events, heart breaks and promises in both of our lives to be what we are today. To take us in the journey from the stranger to acquaintance to close friend because today, we are no longer strangers who smiled at each other out of blue or people who keep on bumping into each other again. Today he’s no longer just the boy who smiled at me and probably made my day (strangers smiling at me usually make my day, seriously 😀 ) anymore. Today he is someone I can easily talk to/with and the one I look up to. Every time I feel low, he is the one to cheer me up and every time I feel like crying, he is the one to make me laugh. When I was falling apart, when there was a big hole in my life; he was the one to console me, to make me feel good and eventually the one to help me to heal myself. The boy who smiled at me had become the boy who amused me and made me happy.

Today, he is smarter, wiser, stronger and much more than just a boy that I first saw. Today, he has become the one with whom I share my crazy thoughts with, the one who keeps my secrets, the one who sings me lullaby and reads me bedtime stories when I cannot sleep. He has become the one who was there to witness me at my worst and yet helped me grow stronger, he is the one I can turn to every time trouble brews up, the one I know I can always count on. He is the one to stay up all night just to accompany me while I did my homework, the one to make sure that I never gave up what I love to do and the one to make sure I always felt good about me and never felt lazy (although, the latter part is not happening at all 😛 ).

Today, he is the one who gets worried if I do not utter a word; the one knows exactly what kind of things are going on my mind just by a look on my face or sound of my voice; the one I’m totally comfortable with. Today he is the one who tries to calm my brain cells, better known as neurons or grey-white matter when it works over time in faster than the speed of light. He is the one who inspires me in every possible way every time my soul feels lifeless and lazy. He is the one to make sure I’m breathing, literally, even when I’ve forgotten all about my ‘Am-I-still-breathing-fear’. He is the one who teaches me stuffs that are necessary for me in order to write and live freely. Hence, one can say that he has definitely transformed himself from just a stranger to who he is now.

But one thing I have realized as I look back at where we started from is that the best part of this journey has never been the fact that he was there with me at both the good and the bad times. It was the facts that we could witness each other grow and that we have come across a long way from just being strangers who smiled at each other to where we are today.

Note: The draft was first written on 28th April, 2012 🙂 Just in case 😛


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