Summer’s Here

Every year, summer comes and goes. Sometimes, it comes early and sometimes a little late; but when it comes, it brings different emotions all the time. And with every summer, comes a new story, a new hope and a new dreams. Every summer, in the end, means different ; according to time, situation, and place.

When  I was young summer meant starting of new classes and getting new books. It meant ice-cream and cold drinks. It meant sun and nothing else in between us. It meant, going out to play, in school and in home. Summer meant yellowish-reddish view everywhere. It meant making weird noise standing in front of fans and having fun doing it. It meant getting rid of sweaters, caps and  socks and wearing light clothes. Summer meant able to wear powder (either that flowery smell ones or baby ones or the anti-allergic ones). Summer meant sweat and sticky skin but it never mattered.It meant having a handkerchief with you all the time in case you over-sweat. And it definitely meant, watching sweat trickling down the face of your brother or friend and saying ‘ewww’.

When  I grew up to be teens and during my high school and early college, summer changed its definition. Summer now meant, ‘mom shouting before u leave home to apply sunscreen’. It meant umbrella and full sleeved t-shirt to save yourself from getting sun-burn. Summer meant searching for shades and shadow whenever I went. It started to mean hiding myself from the sun and protecting myself from its blazing rays. Summer meant hot days and feeling thirsty all the time and still refusing to drink water. It meant wishing there was an  air-conditioner in the classes. It definitely meant wishing sun was never this harsh.

But now, once again, summer means totally new things. Today, summer means waiting for raindrops to fall on my windowpane and on the road, on the roof, just everywhere. It means waiting eagerly but patiently for the monsoon to start. It means appreciating the cool breezes and enjoying the fierce wind. It means enjoying the wind blowing my hair or my hair flowing with the wind. It means going out with friends and having fun, whether having a chilled FANTA or the 10 Rs costing FROSTY, sitting in Durbar Squares, watching people passing by, getting lost in our world or talking non-stop. Summer means colourful world, probably more than spring as girls and guys splash themselves in colorful clothes from swimming suits to dresses and shorts.

Summer now means realizing and reflecting many things. These realization includes thoughts like everything that came has to leave someday. Like everything has to end. Like some rules are never meant to be broken, never can be broken. Like every dark period is followed by light. Like no matter what, life moves on and time never stands still and many more.

Well these are what summer meant for me from childhood to now. I’m sure all of us have our own meaning and definitions of summer in our own way. Now that the summer has hit the floor, I hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

Happy Summer!!

P.S. Well, it still means Ice-Cream in every possible way and having fun no matter where you are and how old you are!!! 😉


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