Little Things

I remember opening the 1st chapter of Biology class named ‘The Cell’ during high school and feeling goosebumps all over my skin. This was because of the realization that every inch, every little space of my body is alive.  ‘Cell is known as the basic or fundamental  unit of  life’ and everyone knows that our body is made up of numerous (probably uncountable) cells that are unit of life. The realization that I’m alive because of these numerous living organisms called ‘Cell’  sunk in, I felt huge responsible for myself as well as realized that most of the people take little things like this for granted. I have always been a person, who tends to care about little things and get effected by it than the big ones. Little things that people say or do to me leaves a greater impact both negative and positive.

I like it when my hair flies or blows away with the wind or when the tiny drops of rain fall in my face or when the warm sun shines during the winter. I love it when I get a call in the morning to wake me up or when I’m feeling sad. I love listening to people being grumpy and making fun of themselves just to make me laugh and scolding me when I’m worried about silly stuffs. I like watching old people’s smiling face and children’s giggles as they play in the courtyard. I like the noise a human crowd makes in places like Durbar Square and the silence of creepy places in Kathmandu Valley. I get inspire while reading poems and thoughts of people, while listening to their songs and stories. I get moved when I hear the strumming of guitar some far away.

I feel great creating memories with my friends, chatting and talking about our endless ideas and views, sharing little moments with my mother as she gives me a warm hug, and the spending time with dad while I read articles and he tries to solve the crossword puzzle. And then, there are instances when I remember all of them and just smile or then there are times when I try to reenact them again and again.

Well these are the things that makes me happy, the little things that we see, hear and feel everyday and still not realize its importance. They say little things matters and I know that they are correct. Little things do matter a lot. so to all those who thinks it doesn’t, here is a song by Linkin Park:


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