A Tribute to My Second Home

I remember going back to school some time during last year, just for a visit and I was all in tears. Walking the same corridor, seeing the classrooms and meeting the people (teachers and helpers) made me realize that I miss my school probably more than anything in my life. Whenever, people ask me about my schooling, I prefer not to answer basically because they haven’t heard about it. But this doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my school, I am and always will be. So this post of mine is dedicated to my school, a place where I spent 13 years of my life, with all the stuffs it gave in return. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  1. If you think that I’ a good speaker, then it is due to my school. It gave me lots of opportunities to  speak in front of crowd through various competitions like debate and extempore since primary level. Not only that, there was a system that every students had their turns to say something in the morning assembly – Quote for the primary levels, Speech for the lower secondary and News for the higher secondary.
  2. Similarly, due to my teachers who made sure we had basic ideas about grammar rules, I believe most of my friends including me can speak English fluently (although I believe, our vocabulary has gone worse after leaving school). Not only that we were suppose to speak English most of the time. Also, because of few teachers of Nepali, like the one who used to teach us during grade 9 & 10, language was no problem for us.
  3. School was where I discovered my love for words, or rather realized. It gave me ample of chances to make sure that I ell in love with them again and again from the essays to be written for Nepali and English to appreciation and encouragement shown by my teachers and friends.
  4. School was also the first place I felt belonged to a group ( in our case House). I was ni Blue house (Sagarmatha) since Grade 2 to Grade 9. I took part in many competitions and won few like Spelling ( Grade 5) and quiz (Grade 9) until I was transferred to Red house (Annapurna) in my last year to lead the house. I still remember feeling proud and happy whenever a fellow student from our house won any competition ether thy were juniors or seniors. Hogwarts in a way remind me of those time, when we would peep on our seniors and say they are from my house to our friends.
  5. My school recognized my abilities even when I doubt them. I was made Monitor of my class (Grade 8), member of Society for Spoken English (Grade 9) and House Captain for Annapurna (Grade 10). Also, I got selected to go to Lucknow for ICSQC to compete in debate. And not to forget many times, when I was asked to write poems by my teachers :D.
  6. School also had the best Canteen I ever ate at. I think all my fellow school-mates agree that Harka dai’s  cooking is simply the best. (even my dad agrees in this concept).
  7. The classroom of Grade 10 B and 9 B during our time had best views of outside. We could watch the clouds floating in the sky and also get a few glimpse of Himals and not to forget the house of Sharmila and Krishna Malla 😛
  8. School days were the days where we played various games from Rock-Paper-Scissors and Chungi to Badminton and Basketball. We even played Kabbadi but I know that our favourite game was Phalam Choi,  the game probably known only to us.
  9. Then there was this handshake style unique to the school. I don’t know exactly where this style came from but everyone from the school knows this. You don’t have to teach the new kids or the juniors, you just know.
  10. My school taught me to respect everyone no matter who they are and what they do. It taught me that all the jobs are important and require equal respect. The helpers, drivers, cleaners and guards of my school are always close to my heart no matter where I go.
  11. My school also made 3 of my secret childhood dreams come true. They were: coming in TV/hosting a show (when I did an episode of Jandajandai),  going on a winter camp (even if I took part as a volunteer and not the participants 😛 ) and finally taking part in a convention ( I had this dream after watching Day  After Tomorrow) which got fulfilled after going for ICSQC.
  12. And finally, school gave me my first readers in form of my few friends. they were the one who believed I have potentiality of becoming a writer and make sure that among all frequently changing of my dreams, releasing a book is always there.

But most importantly, my school gave me my friends who knows me since when we were small. They have witnessed my grow up and seen the various face of mine and different phase of my life. We may not be always in touch but I know that they are always there whenever I need them.

My school is important for making me who I am today. If you think I am a frank, outspoken and friendly person then it is because of my school. If you think I write good and at least knows something then it is because of my school. I learnt a lot from it, the value of friendship, the sweet taste of success no matter how much tiny it is, the meaning of never giving up and trying everything life has to offer. I’m proud to say that I have spent 13 years of my life in Himalya Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary School aka HVM because it was and  will always be my second home.


One thought on “A Tribute to My Second Home

  1. I missed my school very much when I left it for my higher education. It is the place where I want to go time and again and remember thos moments that I spent with my friends n teachers. This, my second home made me who I am now.

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