What’s On My Mind :D

I think I am always thinking. If I’m not sleeping or not talking then believe me when I say I’m cooking up something in my mind. Sometimes I think it’s an inheritance because most of my family members from dad’s side has been like this. We talk in sleep and we love to daydream. But other times, I think I go into extreme when it comes to think or day dream. I go doing that while eating, walking on the street, sitting, roaming around, staring, wandering and so on.

But when people ask me what I actually think about, I go blank. I am unable to answer as most of the times I don’t know or remember what I was thinking about. My mind drifts in the outer space, floating across the universe [ 😉 ], swimming with the stars. So today, I have decided to list out few of things I think about the most.

Usually, I have a theme and I think about words that justify that theme. I wordify my thoughts if you know what I mean- I put them in a sentence at first and then play with them to make a one-liner or a poem. I start with a word and what it means to me. Then I think about the other words that I think will suit with what I want to say which then is followed by organizing the words to make it a poem or just a line. This happens mostly when I’m thinking about updating my Facebook status. For example, when I think about Happiness I might start with it being temporary or how I do not seek it. Then, I make a line like I do not seekth Happiness but rather joy. This might be changed to something like this:

I do not seek Happiness,

for it excites me no more,

my heart does not flutter

I go dull.

Apart from thinking about writings, I also think about Life (like what is life or the mysteries of life), Existence, Emotions and Feelings, Dreams, and other stuffs. I also happen to think about my past experiences and my future hopes even if I live in present most of the time. But some people I now say I think too much, much more than I should. Because I’m always thinking, I usually spend my time alone. Thinking too much is also one of the reasons why my mood is always swinging to-and-fro. But sadly, I can’t stop it. I can’t shut off  my mind and stop thinking.

One of my friends used to tell me that there are two reasons for people to be sad after a thought. It’s because either they regret their past or worry about the future. I have tried not to do so. Therefore, instead I think about other stuffs mentioned above which do stimulate my mind and might make me go mad one day but I’m sure will not make me sad. 🙂


2 thoughts on “What’s On My Mind :D

  1. well i do thinking most and most of the time and i am mostly sad and mad and bad and rad(A unit of absorbed ionizing radiation equal to 100 ergs per gram of irradiated material) and so on that is…past future or present everything can make people sad or happy just a matter of perception bah the idea looks too calm on the surface,but when you are living then life gets tricky hai suv
    life melts in your tongue .

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