A Letter to Self

Hey You (Part of Me),

I don’t have any idea when will you read this mail, but I hope that you do it every time you feel low. I just want you to know and remember that there might be times when you’ll feel alone or sick; when you’ll suffer and are in a great pain but then these times are part of life and will just help you to grow, be a better human being and in your case a better YOU. I also know that you might end up feeling low the moment your life turns all Happy or all Sad, but remember, these two moments come when you least expect them. So, next time you’re all happy-happy, prepare yourself for a big blow and when you’re all sad-sad, remember the little-private jokes you had with your people. Just share with your friends – at those times, just call them up or text them. Believe me when I say, they’ll figure out to make you You again!!!

But if you can’t do that then just write. Write in your brown diary or pink or black or you notes in FB or blog. Just write. Create poetry, stories, good-f0r-nothing posts and blah blah blah and enjoy the process. Because next time you’re gonna read them, you’ll be laughing out hard. Even if you’re having Writer’s Block (which you do usually when you’re happy) read something that inspires you to write or talk to some people who inspires you to write.

And next time you start thinking on a question or get really sick, remember your MOM. Remember when you were like “If all the people had same thoughts, world wouldn’t be interesting” and your mom replied, “If all the people had same thought, the world would be enough with only one person.” And remember twice you had a severe headache and how her massage and presence soothed you away. So, the thing is when your friends are not around (obviously, you don’t expect your friends will never have their works to do, do you??), just consult your mom or dad or your ages-old writings.

And if you worry about you not sticking to your decisions, then don’t worry about it. Probably you’ll never learnt to do so. It’s like that’s your thing, besides making people and yourself confused.  And don’t worry if you feel like you’re life’s all messed up. That’s how you want it to be. And don’t worry if everything is not going according to your plan or that you are having a bad hair day, it’s gonna go good at the end anyway.

And when you make choices, you can listen to others and your mind, but let your heart do the leading. I want you to discover yourself or me at the end somehow and become full of love and passion and not empty like most of the time. Hopefully, you’ll figure it all out and live our life the way we have always dreamt – walking down the old narrow gloomy alley and sitting in a cafe with coffee and diary.

The best thing is unlike others you know what one thing you want which will never change, that is writing. Now, all you need is to figure out the way to do so. For that you’ll need to struggle and work really hard. Do it. The only thing or person as afar as I know that you need to fight with is you. So just do it, never let your dreams and passion die. NEVER, and if you’re going to do that then remember how after you’ve joined Undergrads you didn’t want to turn to Animal Planet and National Geography. So keep on fighting, be scarred not scared, and keep on moving forward.

Another thing you need to work on as far as I know now is that you need to accept and respect decisions of others even if it hurts you. If it’s good for them and if it makes them happy then you should encourage them. And it will not matter if they understand you or not. the fact that you don’t understand yourself is long enough.

I guess that’s all for now. Will keep the post updated if I find something new 😉 So love your life and yourself even if you’re called narcissist, it simply doesn’t matter.


Me (Part of You)

P.S. I Love You 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Letter to Self

  1. you should read absurd(Kafka,Dostoevsky) work and then read people like surreal(Maupassant )then combine them both oh then you will be so cool seriously oh you will be ..
    suvekchya .you should read a lot more …do you know that i only knew reading make people a bit intelligent just 3 years ago seriously atti ,before i didn’t use to even think i think, ..,then i started reading a bit seriously a year ago..
    for now refrain from reading nepali writers but laxmi parsad devoka is an exception he is god.,muna and madan is super duper cool ,i think i know why he wanted his other work to be burnt …
    start with great writers that way you will not get bored with reading and oh you will learn so much more..
    also i will tell you one think i learned about writing is imagine the words(words creates images you know) ,like if are writing about someplace imagine yourself in that place and write while you are at that place ….in other words feel your words ..
    like jack black said(he didn’t exactly said it but stil) its a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll suvekchya .this is how you spell it hola…

    • haha..thank u so much pawan, really means a lot to me. I know, reading changes a lot. I can say that most of the things I learnt in life till now is from books. But I’m not saying I read more, I read just a little, but I’m trying to read more 🙂 I also agree with words making images, they always do to me 🙂 SO thank you once again. And the spelling is wrong, but no worries, you can call me Suv, for next time 🙂

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