I Have a Dream

I have a dream. A dream where the world, our world is not only better but greener, happier and a beautiful place to live.

A dream where concrete jungle does not rule anymore, those tall and glassy buildings do not ruin the beauty anymore, even if they might be beautiful to those modern architects. A dream where old buildings still prevails as they for me give the feelings of majestic and artistic.

I dream of homes filled with laughter and smiles. No matter how gloomy it seems, you feel the warmth automatically once you enter. Homes full of joy and happiness. No Violence-No Abuse-No Victims.

I dream of schools. Every classroom a joyous place to learn, where children are from all age, sex, caste, ethnicity, religion, background, race and so on. Where each classroom is bright like the face of those children. Where each children are unafraid for there’s nothing to fear.

I dream of streets, stone or red brick-paved like in old movies, old civilization. Cold creepy alleys and creepier, colder and haunted courtyards.

I dream of smiles once the eyes are met. The warm smiles, the warmer welcome.

I dream of human crowd, the sweet murmurs, the smell of them passing you by, the sight of so many people laughing and sharing jokes.

I dream of a paradise, I dream of a heavenly earth.

I dream of future.

I know my dream is like that of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. That it is an Eutopia.

But what I believe is in dreaming.

For I know and probably John Lennon also knew that it’s going to take many years for our dreams to be a reality. But still we’re ready take chances and risk. We dream a dream and work on it till our last breathe. It might become real anytime soon or is going to take another 100 years. It does not matter.

What really matters is that we dreamt, and that we believed in it.


8 thoughts on “I Have a Dream

  1. nicely written Suv. I like the imagery that you have created in them and of course, the dream is much appreciated 🙂 I think you would make an awesome blogger with more practice 🙂 and more writing. So keep blogging 🙂

  2. We imagined too much, now its time to find out the way to make our dreams come true, every human beings giving their best for society and doing their best for themselves too. We want more smarter society, more smarter technology and more smarter writings from writers that can knock the people’s brain.

    • yuuss..definitely 🙂 thanks a lot for your support 🙂 we definitely wannt to be smarter, samrter technologies..smarter enough to prevent us from going worse to worser 🙂

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