Losing Characters from My Story

Has your favorite character ever got killed or suddenly turned into the villain? Especially in a franchise, you like this character in 1st or 2nd part and then in the next one, s/he dies or in the last one, you find out that s/he is the villain. I, apparently, have experienced that a lot. My favorite characters include Sirius Black and Albus Dumbeldore (from Harry Potter franchise), Jean Grey aka Phoenix (from X-Men), Anakin Skywalker form Stars Wars and so on. Well, while Sirius and Dumbeldore died, Jean and Anakin became villain and died. Then, I thought I should fall in love with the protagonist. You know how the main characters never die. I was waiting for the right one to come and when he came, even he died (Tyler Hawkins from Remember Me, anyone!!!). But I would have been so much better if this case was limited to the movies and the books. Sadly, few of the people I trusted and was dependent upon left me while I lost touch with others. And no, nobody has died.

It all started like this. You see, I very much live in my own world and that’s why I do not remain in contact with most of  my friends. I usually don’t call them or text them or mail them. They do those stuffs but I do make time for them. Every time we plan to meet I make sure that I do not have plans conflicting. Well, to be honest, I do that so that I can get away from my home, but then I love meeting my friends and catching upon life of each other. But I don’t blame them, you see, those who went far because of me. But in my life, there are those who went far no matter how much I tried to stay connected.

Like in movies and books, there comes few characters in your real life that you feel you can’t live without. But after sometimes, they are not there anymore. That’s what happened to me one day.  I had a friend, a very nice friend. I trusted him with all my darkest secrets, my deepest fears and my wildest dreams. He was the only person  could open up to and had blind trust. But now,  don’t think he’s going to be there anymore for me. And the worst part is that I didn’t even know that he was gone.Yup, he disappeared without a final goodbye. And that feeling really sucks you know. So, there I went and lost another character from my story.

But this event taught me something. I happened to reconnect with my old friends and have made a vow to myself and I’m never going to let another friend out of m life. No matter what, I’ve realized that you always need someone in your life, and there’s always some one too. Yes, surprisingly, you are never alone.

I was trying to write this post since last week. But since I had exams and a distraction named Damon Salvatore (I hope he doesn’t die as well) I couldn’t finish this up. I’m extremely sorry for the delay.


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