A Beautiful Chapter

I sometimes wonder, “What makes a chapter beautiful?” Is it the characters and their chemistry, or  is it the event taking place or may be the setting??? I have no answers for that but somehow I think that it may be the emotions the characters feel or rather the reader feels while reading. But how do you write a beautiful chapter? Just by imagining or actually by experiencing the whole, what we say, scenario… And what about real life? Do we experience this in real life as well or it is only limited to the sheets of the books we read or go through? This thought has been haunting me for a while because I think I just lived one of the beautiful chapters of my life.

I think this last few days have been a beautiful chapter of my life. I am having a preparation leave for my exams. It’s just that nobody knows when it is going to be held…so we called it a pre-vacation. This means that we will not study before we get the routine (in most of the cases, even after getting one). So what I did was enjoy. Yes, I enjoyed every moment of it, till now and started new things, including this blog. But it does not mean that i have given up my old stuffs. I still scribble in my diary and well spent the day in the bed (hehehe) but that is not what I want to talk about right now…I want to talk about the beautiful week I had, hoping that it will continue through out my whole life.

I spent the days with different people in different places doing different things. And each day was special in more ways than I could have imagined. I was happy and alive. I still am because the hangover is still there. It was like those times when you look around you and say to yourself, “What am I doing here?” But at the end of the day it all turns out good and sometimes even better.

But one things for sure, you cannot have a beautiful chapter/s in your life without someone who loves you. No, it does not only mean your girlfriend or boyfriend or such (believe me).But it does have to include your family and friends.  Yup, that’s what I had realized in these last few days. No matter what, if you gang is there with you along with your kin, then life becomes beautiful and is not limited only to the books or movies.

A beautiful chapter contains laughing out loudest with your friends, calling your best friend in the middle of the night because you cannot sleep, fighting with your siblings, getting drenched in rain and telling your folks that you love them time and again… But then it does not have to be same with everyone else because every one is different and well someone told me, “There is always an exception to all the cases.”

So, I do believe that I just lived my beautiful chapter, and now it is probably your turn. So are you ready???


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