The Beginning of the Journey…

Finally, I’ve decided to blog…why? I’m not sure about that right now.. It’s just that I always scribble in my notebooks and finally I’ve decided to  flaunt them all. Them means my writings and I should fore warn you that my ideas (or emotions as I think they are), might offend you in every possible ways. Let me tell you something, I write to express what I feel and what I’m going through, so my writings are always personal. I don’t know what is my dream or aim in life, but what I know is that it will involve writing.

Writing first started as a hobby, then became a compulsion. Right now it has developed into a passion. Words are my first and only true love. I was first introduced to the world of word when I was probably 6 or 7 years old. My dad used to write poems in Nepali and I used to  get amazed by them. They were beautiful even if I could not understand them. My little mind was filled with fascinations and curiosity. That was the moment when I decided that I want to write just like my dad.

So, 3 or 4 years later when I wrote my first poem, you can only guess what I went through. I was the happiest person in the world yet I was scared as I thought it wasn’t good enough. But my dad was more than happy to discover my love for writing and that made me happy. And there was no turning back since then. I started writing now and then, whenever I could find time from watching TV or listening music. I wrote poems till I was in my teens. During my early teens, I started writing story as well. During my mid teens I was so into writing that I became addicted to it and writing became a compulsion for me. But right now, it’s something I would love to do whole life.

I don’t know if I”ll ever be as good or as famous like others..but I’m sure that no matter what happens,  I won’t stop writing. See  you next time…


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